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Celebrating 10 years of children's theatre

009 – Chris Madsen and Bon Craig owners of Ovation! Performing Arts Academy, talk about their amazing school for kids. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary the co-owners are very excited about upcoming performances and the level of professionalism from both teachers and students. We play a song from a musical performed live by some of their students and also play Marky Monday’s song “In The 90’s.” For more information about Ovation! Visit

Dynamic Children's Entertainment Duo

008 – Sonshine and Broccoli are a dynamic children’s entertainment duo who talk about their experiences being in the children’s performing industry. They share how and why they started over a decade ago, and how fulfilling it is to work with kids. We play their song “Wave Hello” and also feature a new song written by Marky Monday with Sonshine and Broccoli called “Be The Change.” The episode ends with exciting talks of a possible new Sonshine and Broccoli Television show.