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Ovation Nation! Part 2 of 7

Episode 38 features guest star Arsham Romas of the Ovation voice over class. This ridiculously funny episode consists of the live studio audience poking fun and asking weird on the spot questions. Arsham plays a game called: “Guess my favourite movie” where Arsham tries to guess his own favourite movie of all time that he listed on a piece of paper two weeks prior to broadcast. We play the song Thriller by Michael Jackson and UFO Aliens by Marky Monday.

Halloween Excitement, Who You Gonna Call?

Episode 36 is all about gearing up for Halloween! A Spooky Evening with Marky Monday is coming up and Marky wants to give away tickets to the show as well as play some awesome Halloween music to get into the spirit of the times! Enjoy listening to Ghostbusters, Boogie Man, and Thriller while hearing stories from Marky and the gang.

A Spooky Evening

Episode 32 is all about Marky’s upcoming show “A Spooky Evening with Marky Monday” happening at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday October 27, 2018. Marky also talks about his experience last weekend at NookFest and on Grandparents day. Marky plays the song “Wicked Old Witch” and “UFO Aliens.”