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How To Have A Career In Something You Love

In episode 16 Marky Monday talks about the importance of doing something you love for a living. This world would be a better place if we all did something we loved as a career. Unfortunately most people do not love what they do for a living, so it translates into unhappiness and stress. Marky Monday invites you to be happy and take up a hobby you love to eventually turn it into a career.

A Career In The Arts means being a Jack of All Trades

EPISODE 012 - Chandra Pepper is the Theatre Director of Gibson School of the Arts in Alliston Ontario. and is also an apprentice for Shadowpath Theatre. In this episode we discuss how having a career in the arts means being a jack of all trades, meaning you must be able to do many things to make a career work. We talk about her passions for working with youth and how she empowers people to be their very best. We play the song "I've Got The Power" by SNAP! and Marky Monday's "Superheroes."