Stories and Lessons From My Father's Life

Stories and Lessons From My Father's Life

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Stories and Lessons from My Father's Life is a collection of true and beautifully written short stories.

Author Mark Pezzelato thoughtfully shares the struggles and lessons his father experienced in order to begin a new life of freedom and happiness for the future generations of his family. For his father, failure was not an option, and because of this, he was able to push through the barriers where most people would have stopped. There is much to relate to in this little book of great wisdom.

Mark himself is wise and compassionate beyond his years. The heart he puts into each and every word he writes honors his father, family, and his heritage in an inspiring way, and engages the listener from beginning to end.

It is very evident that in all of Mark's nonfiction writing, he cares deeply about helping others through his own life experience as well.

Stories and Lessons from My Father's Life will have you feeling many emotions - you'll be motivated and inspired - and you just might appreciate your loved ones a little more, reflecting on what we can learn and how we can help one another when we look at life through a fresh lens. Mark gives us this opportunity in Stories and Lessons.

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