Marky Monday is a consummate professional in all aspects – on the creative side as well as on the producing/administrative and communication side. He is talented, intelligent, responsible, organized, dedicated and thoughtful on all counts. He best represents the over-all abilities of successful artists.

I have seen Marky’s performances and he is engaging and fun and very age-appropriate with his materials/characters. The young audiences are enthralled and he actively encourages their participation to sing/dance and join in the fun, which they do with great relish! Parent response is equally enthusiastic!

Marky’s shows are high-quality and he genuinely cares about every aspect of his performances and his dealings with his presenters. He is committed to doing an excellent job, and it shows.
— Bonnie Craig (Co-Founder of Ovation! Performing Arts Academy)
I had the pleasure of attending the Marky Monday’s Adventures In Dreamland on June 10th, 2018 at Theatre Aurora. The show took me on a wonderful musical adventure into a land full of mystical characters. The musical arrangements were catchy, the characters hilarious and best of all the show delivers some very important messages for young developing minds. I have a good feeling that this show is heading for television or big stage and the sooner the better!
— Tom Patton (TomCattt)
Marky Monday you make me proud as an educator of young children, as a musician, and as someone who loves entertaining children as they grow! You are super special.
— Kathie Makowski
Marky Monday delivers a fabulous performance for fun lovers and smilers of all ages. Dance and sing and enjoy the sheer joy of the young’uns.
— Jane Haque
Excellent message for kids! Great performance!
— Shang and Issac