Newmarket Music Festival

Episode 28 is all about the Newmarket Music Festival happening at Riverwalk Commons in Newmarket August 24-26, 2018. Marky Monday features songs from artists who will be performing at the festival and talks about what you can expect when coming to this amazing event! For tickets and info visit

A Career In Music with Spencer LeVon

Episode 26 features Spencer LeVon talking about how he started his band Brother Levon by songwriting with Marky Monday. The two of them wrote a bunch of funk songs and released an album called "Shades of Funk." The show features two songs from the album "I've Got It Made" and "The Greatest Thing" Marky and Spencer also talk about what it's like to have a career in music. For more information on Brother Levon visit

Interview with Giant Banana

Episode 19 features Marky Monday talking with Giant Banana. The two answer questions from listeners about Giant Banana's favourite things. They play Louis Prima's song "Yes we have no bananas" and introduce Giant Banana to a new character "Margarita The Banana" from Marky Monday's Adventures In Space, a new rock musical to be launched on September 21, 2019 at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

The Unpredictability of Live Performances

Episode 18 talks about an experience at a recent live performance at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts where a person in the audience fainted and an ambulance was called to the scene. Marky explains how to be dynamic and flexible in unpredictable situations. The episode features two songs from that night performed by Marky and Isabella Tomaso, Me To We and Be The Change.

How to create a Song

In episode 17 Marky Monday takes you from beginning to end in the songwriting/recording process in two of his songs: "Wicked Old Witch" and "Yes, No, Maybe." Marky talks about the importance of being able to save your ideas for times when you are ready to write a song. He also talks about how to record a song by yourself playing multiple instruments on a recording. 

How To Have A Career In Something You Love

In episode 16 Marky Monday talks about the importance of doing something you love for a living. This world would be a better place if we all did something we loved as a career. Unfortunately most people do not love what they do for a living, so it translates into unhappiness and stress. Marky Monday invites you to be happy and take up a hobby you love to eventually turn it into a career.

Youth Create Change

Episode 14 features Heather Skoll and Sarah Neezon of Lifenotes Wisdom. Heather is also the founder of We Can Change the World Day and has put on many events raising money for youths in foreign countries. We talk about the importance of following your heart to create change, and about her new app called RESET ZONE. We play the song BE THE CHANGE by Marky Monday, Sonshine, and Broccoli, and OIAM's ME TO WE.

A Career In The Arts means being a Jack of All Trades

EPISODE 012 - Chandra Pepper is the Theatre Director of Gibson School of the Arts in Alliston Ontario. and is also an apprentice for Shadowpath Theatre. In this episode we discuss how having a career in the arts means being a jack of all trades, meaning you must be able to do many things to make a career work. We talk about her passions for working with youth and how she empowers people to be their very best. We play the song "I've Got The Power" by SNAP! and Marky Monday's "Superheroes."

Reaching for the stars with Electric Moon

011 - Carrie Libling is the founder of Electric Moon Theatre Company specializing in bringing musicals and workshops to theatres and schools in Ontario. In this interview Carrie talks with Marky about her move from the big city of New York to Richmond Hill Ontario where she went from being a professional actress and voice over specialis,t to being the founder of this already successful theatre company. We play a song from the hit musical Big Nate which just had a streak of sold out performances, and play Marky Monday's song "The Largest Number In The World." You can find out more about Electric Moon by visiting

The magic of childrens entertainment

010 – Peter Dilisi otherwise known as Magic Pete is an established children’s author and magician. In this episode Peter shares his love for performing and why he got into magic and writing. He has penned three books, all of which can be found at We play the song “Do You Believe In Magic” by The Lovin’ Spoonful as well as Marky Monday’s new song UFO Aliens. Magic Pete can be found opening for Marky Monday at the Cosmo Music Hall in Richmond Hill on Saturday April 14th. Tickets available at

Celebrating 10 years of children's theatre

009 – Chris Madsen and Bon Craig owners of Ovation! Performing Arts Academy, talk about their amazing school for kids. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary the co-owners are very excited about upcoming performances and the level of professionalism from both teachers and students. We play a song from a musical performed live by some of their students and also play Marky Monday’s song “In The 90’s.” For more information about Ovation! Visit