"The Marky Monday Show" is a weekly show for kids aged 3-10. Tune in to learn meanings of big words, how to clap different rhythms, solve math problems, and enjoy great musical entertainment! New episodes every Monday.

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Professional Music with Giles Collins

Episode 47 features Giles Collins, a professional musician who is co-founder of a band called Screamin’ Deal. Giles talks with Marky about playing drums with an orchestra, obtaining royalties from radio play in other countries, and shares some interesting stories. 4 songs are played from Screamin’ Deal’s new album Neato Mosquito.

More info on Screamin’ Deal:

www.screamindealband.ca OFFICIAL WEBSITE

@thescreamindeal TWITTER

The Greatest Me with Carl Stedmond

Episode 46 features children’s performer Carl Stedmond talking about his new album “The Greatest Me.” Carl had a spiritual awakening one night in his bathroom which led him on a path to bringing love into the world through songs. Join Carl and Marky as they talk about where the inspiration for writing music comes from and much more! Carl’s album can be found on his website at www.carlstedmond.ca

Snow Day with Matt Heaton

Episode 45 features Matt Heaton, a rock a billy children’s performer from Boston. Matt has a new Christmas album called Snow Day. We play songs from the album and talk about Christmas and reminisce about winter childhood memories. To hear more of Matt Heaton’s music visit his website at www.mattheatonmusic.com

Country Songs About The City

Episode 44 features musical entertainer Hopalong Andrew from New York City. Andrew discusses with Marky Mondy how he came to write Country songs about the city. They also talk about what it means to be Canadian and American, and also play three songs from Andrew’s new album. For more information and to purchase Andrew’s new album click here.

Ovation Nation! Part 7 of 7

Episode 43 features David Teoh, a 17 year old voice over student from Ovation Performing Arts Academy. David has recently been given the lead role in the play “Guys and Dolls.” David shares with the audience how he gets into character for being on stage. During the episode one of the studio audience members gets kicked out, listen to find out who!

Ovation Nation! Part 3 of 7

Episode 39 features Kyle Raudanskis who decides to tell us that he wants to be an actor for a living because of all the money and fame. His hopes are shattered by the studio audience as we have a lot of fun with him talking about favourite movies and the like. We play Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody” and by request, the Marky Monday Theme Song.