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Restful Sleep Meditation

by Mark William Pezzelato


A full night of peaceful sleep is vital to your health, wellbeing, and state of mind.  The Restful Sleep Meditation is designed to give you a full nights rest while increasing your immune system, eliminating stress and anxiety, and calming your mind. 

It can be difficult at times to have a good night rest.  Sometimes your mind may be thinking about your job, living situation, lack of money, or other unfortunate circumstances.  As your mind wanders, you become deprived of sleep, which can lead to serious illness, stress, worry, fear, doubt, and unhappiness. 

Sleepless nights are very common, however they do not have to be your reality.  I have suffered from sleep deprivation in the past as a result of fear and worry.  I would lay in bed at night tossing and turning, thinking about problems.  Eventually I would fall to sleep and within an hour or so, wake up only to find I could not fall back to sleep again.  If this sounds familiar, I understand where you are.  I’ve been there before.  Now I am here to support you.

For years I have studied music, frequencies, and affirmations, and how they affect the brain.  I have also used universal mind meditation techniques for years and have had great results.  In fact, the only positive results for overcoming sleep deprivation, that I have found, have been through calming musical brainwave frequencies and affirmations.   

There have been many so called solutions directed at overcoming sleep deprivation, but none of these strategies gets to the root cause.  Your sleeplessness is caused by a set of core beliefs deep down inside your subconscious mind.  The Restful Sleep Meditation is designed to go deep into your subconscious mind while you sleep, and plant positive affirmations that will change your old habit patterns to that of peace, joy, and happiness.  The results are not just restful sleep, but a clear and calm mind, and an overall happiness and joy in all daily activities.

Every year people spend thousands of dollars on medication, support groups, and seminars searching for answers.  This program is under thirty dollars.  How can something so inexpensive give so many benefits?  You know, as well as I do, that the answers are within you.  Going deep within yourself to the core of your being is the only way to eradicate self-doubt and worry.