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A personal letter to you from Marky Monday with a thank you for supporting and being a fan!


When the music is complete for Adventures In Space you will receive a digital download of the music directly to your email.


The launch show will be taking place at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday September 28, 2019 at 3pm.


The launch show will be taking place at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday September 28, 2019 at 3pm.


Your own personalized framed autographed portrait of Marky Monday delivered to your doorstep. Includes a personalized thank you letter.


Includes 4 launch show tickets for Saturday September 28, 2019 at 3pm, as well as a Marky Monday Collectable Card Set, autographed show poster, and music soundtrack.


Have your company logo and/or personal name displayed in the credits at the end of Adventures in Space as a producer of the rock musical every time it's performed! Includes 2 tickets to the launch show.


Want Marky Monday to come out to your event? Could be a birthday party or a family BBQ. Either way, Marky will be there and will perform for you and your guests at the location and date of your choice.

NOTE: Must be no greater than 100km of the Greater Toronto Area.

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marky monday’s adventures in space

Kids (ages 3-10) Interactive one-man rock show with story line, multiple characters, animations, and puppetry.


The purpose of Marky Monday's Adventures in Space is to present children ages 3-10 with a highly impactful and creative live show that will not only entertain, but educate kids about our planet and outer space.

The music to be created and developed are original songs that tell a story about Marky Monday, who is captured and brought to different planets in our galaxy. On his journey, Marky learns about outer space, meets interesting characters, visits strange new planets, and eventually ends up back in his bedroom filled with new lessons learned from his adventure. The performance consists of about 15 songs and is about an hour in length.

Like the first musical "Adventures In Dreamland" written and performed by Mark Pezzelato, "Adventures In Space" is a one man show where Marky Monday performs live for an audience while interacting with himself playing multiple characters on a video screen. The musical consists of both pre-recorded audio and video, and live interaction. In this musical there will be 4 screens in total all playing video at the same time. A theatre setup would involve use of a main projector and big screen to display artist cartoon drawings and puppets acting out the story in a dream world. Two other screens are located on stage, each about the size of a person (i.e. 50" television set.) which would display characters performing the songs. For instance, a drum set will be set up centre stage and a video screen would display Marky Monday playing the drums. Marky will also be playing bass in another screen, and keyboards on a third screen. Having multiple displays will create an illusion of mystique, and will lend itself well to visual effects when Marky travels to space.

Because this is a one man show, pre-production is the main factor when creating this musical. Music and visuals are the key component and most parts will be pre-recorded. The live aspect consists of Marky Monday talking and singing his lines, as well as performing guitar with the fully produced backup studio tracks. All character voices (excluding the narrator), and all musical instrumentation will be performed by Marky Monday for this musical, just like the former "Adventures In Dreamland."