Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

We are beings of change. Every moment of every day we are changing. Every molecule in our body is arising and passing away with great rapidity in the blink of an eye. We are not the same person we were even seconds ago. Like a candle flame that burns continuously, replenishing itself moment by moment, our bodies replenish and rejuvenate all the time. 

How our body changes from moment to moment depends on our habits, what we feed the body, and how we think. In regards to our daily routines, if we regularly exercise, feed the body with good food, and continually monitor our thoughts and actions, we will be on the right path for positive change in this world. On the other hand, if we do little negative things on a daily basis, like smoking a cigarette, eating unhealthy foods, and gossiping and labelling, we will be mislead on a path of self-destruction.

It is important to note that one can always be working towards the good and positive, yet still have circumstances that appear in ones life as being negative. For instance, the loss of a loved one can turn into a way of thinking thoughts such as "Why me?" or "What did I do to deserve this pain?" YOU must realize that death and dying are unavoidable and a natural process of life. To be living as a human being is to experience pain. Suffering is optional and is created by YOU alone.