Marky Monday is known to fans as the new age Fred Penner, Mr. Dressup, and Mr. Rogers all combined in one.

Marky Monday is a children’s character created and performed by Mark William Pezzelato. Mark began working with children in 2001 as a professional drum and guitar teacher. Eventually his teaching evolved into creating songs and entertaining. By 2011 Mark was performing in festivals and private parties as Disney’s Mad Hatter, turning heads wherever he went with his unique and original approach, by creating original songs on the spot to entertain audiences of all ages.

In 2016 one of Mark’s band mates made an off-handed post on a Monday saying: “It’s Marky Monday’s!” and featured a funny picture of Mark at a gig behind a drum kit. Mark loved the name and used it for this new character he had been developing and writing original songs for. Marky Monday was born.

Mark has been recording and performing music since 1998. He has written hundreds of songs, and has produced and collaborated on thousands of other songs with various artists via his professional audio and video recording facility Pezmosis Music Productions, located in beautiful Oak Ridges Ontario Canada.

Mark Pezzelato is also the author of three non-fiction books, two of which are published under IC Publishing. In chronological order the books are entitled: “Transformations: Your Inner Guide to Self-Exploration,” “Invest In Yourself,” and “Stories and Lessons From My Father’s Life.” Mark has also written a drum instructional book called: “X-Ponential Drumming: The Fastest way to become an expert drummer.”


Creator of Marky Monday’s Adventures In Dreamland Mark William Pezzelato is recognized by the town of Richmond Hill for his outstanding achievements, and is the recipient of the 2017 Creative Laureate Award.

Marky’s over all messages are of love and respect, and highlights the importance of creativity and diversity in children.