Reaching for the stars with Electric Moon

011 - Carrie Libling is the founder of Electric Moon Theatre Company specializing in bringing musicals and workshops to theatres and schools in Ontario. In this interview Carrie talks with Marky about her move from the big city of New York to Richmond Hill Ontario where she went from being a professional actress and voice over specialis,t to being the founder of this already successful theatre company. We play a song from the hit musical Big Nate which just had a streak of sold out performances, and play Marky Monday's song "The Largest Number In The World." You can find out more about Electric Moon by visiting

The magic of childrens entertainment

010 – Peter Dilisi otherwise known as Magic Pete is an established children’s author and magician. In this episode Peter shares his love for performing and why he got into magic and writing. He has penned three books, all of which can be found at We play the song “Do You Believe In Magic” by The Lovin’ Spoonful as well as Marky Monday’s new song UFO Aliens. Magic Pete can be found opening for Marky Monday at the Cosmo Music Hall in Richmond Hill on Saturday April 14th. Tickets available at

Celebrating 10 years of children's theatre

009 – Chris Madsen and Bon Craig owners of Ovation! Performing Arts Academy, talk about their amazing school for kids. Celebrating their 10-year anniversary the co-owners are very excited about upcoming performances and the level of professionalism from both teachers and students. We play a song from a musical performed live by some of their students and also play Marky Monday’s song “In The 90’s.” For more information about Ovation! Visit

Dynamic Children's Entertainment Duo

008 – Sonshine and Broccoli are a dynamic children’s entertainment duo who talk about their experiences being in the children’s performing industry. They share how and why they started over a decade ago, and how fulfilling it is to work with kids. We play their song “Wave Hello” and also feature a new song written by Marky Monday with Sonshine and Broccoli called “Be The Change.” The episode ends with exciting talks of a possible new Sonshine and Broccoli Television show.

The Importance of Happiness

007 – Lydia Zheng (Pineapple – 10 Years Old). Pineapple is a voice over student at Ovation Performing Arts School. In this episode we discuss James Bond, who Pineapple has never heard of, but the studio audience enlightens her. Pineapple loves to make people happy and talks about the importance of making people smile and laugh. We play the James Bond Theme Song and Marky Monday’s ‘Yes No Maybe’ which is a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

Character Impressionist In The Making

006 – Aaron Maman (16 Years Old). Aaron is taking a voice over class because he loves doing impressions of characters and celebrities. Marky and Aaron do impressions and then get into discussions with the live studio audience about speech crutches and what to watch out for if one is to be a professional speaker. They play the song “Fool In The Rain” by Led Zepplin and Marky Monday’s “Dairy Is Magic.”

Future Broadway Star

OO5 – Kyla Shelly-Randall (16 Years Old). Kyla is a talented theatrical singer who loves animals. In this episode Marky discusses Kyla’s passion for singing and how she is able to sing in different languages. They play the first song she can ever remember hearing as a child, Daniel Powter’s Bad Day. Stories are shared about animals and Marky plays the song Celebrity Turtle. The show ends with a segment of Ask Marky and a brief discussion about a really bad movie called The Room.

12 Year Old Beatboxer

OO4 – Natan Perlman (12 Years Old). The episode begins with Natan exploring his beat boxing skills. Marky and Natan make up a song live on the spot. Natan talks about how he beat boxes and the different sounds he can make with his mouth. They play one of Natan’s favourite songs Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Marky Monday’s song Big Words. The episode ends with Natan talking about his experiences at camp learning how to survive outdoors.

A Birthday To Remember
 Michael and Marky Monday

Michael and Marky Monday

003 – Michael Whitaker (16 Years Old). Its Michael’s 16th birthday and he is very excited. Marky plays him Birthday by the Beatles. The two share stories about getting a license to drive a car and play the game Ask Marky. This episode features Marky Monday’s song SUPERHEROES after a conversation about super powers. Michael would like the ability to stop time. This show is on location at OVATION performing arts school in Richmond Hill in front of a live studio audience.

Elementary to High School
 Rachel and Mckenna with Marky Monday at Pezmosis Music Productions.

Rachel and Mckenna with Marky Monday at Pezmosis Music Productions.

002 – Rachel and Mckenna Carrington (13 and 8 years old). This episode is about the anticipation of changing from elementary school to high school. We play a game called “Make That Sound” and the song UGLY FISHIES by Marky Monday. The girls talk about some of their favourite things and the kinds of super powers they wish they had.

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11 Year Old Opera Singer
 Isabella Tomaso with Marky Monday

Isabella Tomaso with Marky Monday

Isabella Tomaso is an 11-year-old opera singer. During this episode of the Marky Monday Show Isabella talks about how she gains inspiration to sing from her Grand Father who passed away. We also get into the topic of bullies and how to deal with others who may not respect your talents when going to school. Isabella sings the song “Mio Bambino Caro” and the story behind the song. The featured Marky Monday song of the episode is SUPERHEROES.

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